Saturday, August 16, 2008

Bohemian rhapsody

Hey y’all. Sorry I’ve been gone for so long but my day job has been hectic. I trust that y’all have been having a blast. Anyway today I am going to be writing on boho chic.
What exactly is boho, you might ask. Well, its an eclectic style. I guess you can say it’s a “creative” way of presenting ones self. In the form of dress it tends to involve a lot of flowing, maybe even oversize clothes.
The bohemian look is a hark one to work because it’s a thin line between looking hot and looking “what is she thinking”. You really need to have a good eye to rock it. The pieces I think are essential for the look are gypsy skirts, embroidered tunics, kaftans, long flowing dresses, a messenger bag, sandals and ethnic jewelry.
As with every other style point of view, this are just the essentials and not by any stretch of the imagination all that is contained in the wardrobe of a true eclectic. I personally love to see a boho diva getting it right.
In terms of d├ęcor they tend to go for ethnic inspired surroundings. They also tend to love earthy colors like browns, reds and greens. I also notice a love of pattern especially flowery ones.
Anyway I’m sure in the future I’ll do a more in depth analysis of boho chic. Till then stay fabulous.