Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Year New Blog.

Hello everyone!!! Happy New Year. I apologise to all the people that used to follow this blog that I haven't posted anything in well over a year. I promise that in 2015 I will do my best to put up posts regularly.

In the time I have been gone, a lot has changed in my career, deciding to take a break from designing being the major one. I now own an online store on Kaymu where I sell stylish clothes that flatter women of all shapes and sizes called Style City. I have also been doing some styling and hope to take that even more seriously in 2015. I am now on instagram, check me out @ajiriavae. I try to post Outfit of the Day pictures there as regularly as I can. I also have another Facebook page, apart from Ajiri's Style called Style City. The plan is to get back to sharing my interest in style. As much as I am still a lover of the Ankara fabric, this year, I will be a lot less focused on it. I will be more focused on sharing my knowledge of how to build a wardrobe that is both flattering and stylish for a spectrum of women.

So, I wish for you what I wish for myself. A productive and profitable as well as happy year. A year filled with adventures and good surprises. A year of fabulousness. As always, remain fabulous.

p.s. Check out my store on