Saturday, November 8, 2008

Designing a space.

next thing to do after deciding on functionality of a space, is to create a mood board. The function The of the mood board is to give you an idea of the feel of the room. By feel, I mean the style. Do you want your space to be homely, minimalis,tretro, themed, art deco, formal, contemporary, etc,etc,etc. your only limitation is your imagination.
The way to create a mood board is simple. Collect pictures of things and scenes that speak to you and convey the lifestyle that you was to project. These pictures could be anything from the kind of car you fancy, a dress or handbag that you like, flowers, your style icon. The point is to start seeing the direction that your taste takes you.
The reason why its best to make a mood board before you start decorating is so that you have a clear idea of what your taste is. That way you don’t end up with space that doesn’t appeal to you after all. It gives you a clear idea of things like colour scheme, funiture style and what the statement piece in the room should be. These are decisions that should be made before you even hit the shops.
Its important to have a lay out and a mood board before going out to buy anything because you need to be sure of what the space will look like before you spend the first kobo. You don’t want to get distracted when you hit the shops.
I hope that this will be helpful to those of you that are contemplating decorating your space . if you have any questions, feel free to leave it in the comment space. If you feel you need my help send me an email.
Stay fabulous.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Super Model of Nigeria

Last Sunday I attended the supermodel of Nigeria competition. Here are some photos from the event.
Stay fabulous.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The value of a plan

hello, it’s been a while I shouldn’t have left you without a dope blog to read. I trust that y’all are doing well. For a while I was stressing about what next to talk about because I have so many ideas. I have decided to touch on a bit of interior decorating.
I think that the first thing that must be considered before a decorating project is started is utility. The first step in deciding the direction to go in terms of the design of the space is to take into consideration what purpose the space will fill. All the color scheme and fabric choice in the world will not save a poorly laid out space.
Common sense dictates that the way you will decorate a dining area used for intimate family dinners will be different from if you entertain a lot. A kitchen used to microwave ready meals will be different from one used for cooking huge dinners and one used for baking. Things like how close the sink will be to the cooker and how large the cabinet space required is part of what the interior designer must consider.
As in everything else in life, a concrete plan must be devised before a single thing is purchased. It is ideal to actually draw out the plan that you can look at in the existing space so you have a real idea of how much sense your plan makes.
Stay fabulous

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Bohemian rhapsody

Hey y’all. Sorry I’ve been gone for so long but my day job has been hectic. I trust that y’all have been having a blast. Anyway today I am going to be writing on boho chic.
What exactly is boho, you might ask. Well, its an eclectic style. I guess you can say it’s a “creative” way of presenting ones self. In the form of dress it tends to involve a lot of flowing, maybe even oversize clothes.
The bohemian look is a hark one to work because it’s a thin line between looking hot and looking “what is she thinking”. You really need to have a good eye to rock it. The pieces I think are essential for the look are gypsy skirts, embroidered tunics, kaftans, long flowing dresses, a messenger bag, sandals and ethnic jewelry.
As with every other style point of view, this are just the essentials and not by any stretch of the imagination all that is contained in the wardrobe of a true eclectic. I personally love to see a boho diva getting it right.
In terms of d├ęcor they tend to go for ethnic inspired surroundings. They also tend to love earthy colors like browns, reds and greens. I also notice a love of pattern especially flowery ones.
Anyway I’m sure in the future I’ll do a more in depth analysis of boho chic. Till then stay fabulous.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

the classics

Like I have said in a previous post, when it comes to style, everybody has a particular aesthetic, no matter how nice or how much they seem to miss the mark. In this post I want to treat the classic which is my personal favorite. I like to refer to myself as casual chic.
What makes a woman’s form of dress and lifestyle classic? Well, looking good in a way that appears nonchalant and effortless. However, any classic fashionista will tell you that the natural look is not gotten by hanging out with mother nature. It is worked on and very well thought through.
Surprising as it may seem to fashionistas of other persuasions, the very foundation of going the classic route successfully is good skin, hair and makeup. Why, you may wonder. Well, because the style appears so, well, classic that you need to take care of yourself. This includes, having your hair and nails done, waxing off all body hair and eyebrows in place. While other fasionistas may understand the absolute importance of these key elements, the classic is even more concerned because that is what takes her outfit up from common place. Remember classics don’t usually involve themselves in trendy things.
It is the classic you will see wearing a white tee shirt with dark bootleg jeans, a good leather belt, good leather bag and a pair of loafers. Simple, casual, but incredibly chic. In fact I’ll say the classic works a mean capsule wardrobe.
Anyway I’m sure I’ll have a lot more to say about the classics in the future. In the meanwhile stay fabulous.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

the capsule wardrobe

What is a capsule wardrobe the uninitiated might ask. Well for those who don't know, its the most basic items that every wardrobe must have. It contains pieces that can be worn together to form many different outfits.It is usually advisable that every woman own these pieces in her wardrobebecause with them she can never go wrong. It is also advisable for young women just starting out in their careers with minimal cash to first invest in these key pieces.These key pieces include,a white dress shirt,a pair of black trousers,a pair of dark blue jeans,a classic black dress,a white tee shirt,a wrap dress,a formal black skirt,a blue dress shirt, a pair of gold hoop earrings,pearl necklace,a pair of black loafers,a pair of black stilettoes,a black handbag,and a good quality watch either in black leather or stainless steel and gold.I'm sure with these basic pieces any woman will be able to come up with a week worth of outfits at the very least.So now that I've armed you with the very basics, you have no excuse
Stay fabulous

Saturday, June 21, 2008

the beauty of linen

Like I have said in a previous post, I also work with linen. I like linen as a fabric because its a natural fiber that breathes easily. In this era of global warming especially in the tropics of West Africa, I am always amused when I see people dressed in polyester, satin and other such fabrics that are best suited for the colder countries of the world.
From the point of view of a designer, I must say that for me linen has the added advantage of availability. The only thing I have to be careful of is that I seek out the very best quality of the fabric. One secret of how to differentiate the good from the bad is that good quality linen, when squeezed does not become overly wrinkled. If it becomes very wrinkled then its cheap linen.
In this weather, what we need are summer dresses made in linen or cotton (ankara). I'm sure by now y'all know that I'm a big advocate of turning ankara into heavenly summer creations. To be honest, I used to see linen as a boring fabric but that was because most of the linen dresses I saw were very formal and plain. Well now I know better. Its all about the details. You'll be suprised how fabulous linen can be.
Anyway, YOU stay fabulous

Thursday, May 15, 2008

ode to ankara

Like I said in my last post, I do a lot of work with Ankara. A lot of people ask me why Ankara and not lace? While I have worked with lace in the past, I by far prefer to work with Ankara.
I prefer to work with Ankara, first because its made in Nigeria and I'm all for buying made in Nigeria where ever possible to help our economy. Which leads to the second reason, which is that it's readily available. Third is that I love the challenge of taking a fabric that is so common place and taking it into regions that are unexpected. I have made some styles that have blown people's minds with old pattern Ankara. You'll be surprise the levels you can take Ankara to with the right designer.
I have heard several people say that Ankara is out. I think that such people aren't very creative, because I honestly believe that we haven't even scratched the surface of how far Ankara can go. One of the things I love about Ankara is that each pattern tells a story and the job of the designer is to interpret that story. My ambition is to take the fabric where no one has thought of taking it.
Anyway I hope this post will inspire us all to open our eyes to the possibilities.
Stay fabulous

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ajiri Avae

I apologise for my rudeness. I did not introduce myself first. My name is Ajiri Avae and and I'm a fashion designer. I run a label called Ajiri Avae clothing. I specialise in turning ankara fabric into lovely summer dresses, though these days i find myself drawn to high fashion. I would say my costumers are fashionable women who socialise and are looking for that (New York) upper east side aesthetic. I consider my designs classic, the kind of clothes that you can dress up for that office party or dress down for that your friend's daughter's first birthday party.
I have always been interested in style. When I was five years old, I would refuse to wear any outfit my mother picked out for me except it passed my style test, and if it did not, i would assemble my own outfit.Unfortunately by the time I got into secondary school (high school) I became a tomboy so i just stuck to picking out outfits for other people.
Now I've found myself again and think it will be lovely to share my musings with you. I hope you will enjoy reading this as mush as i know that i will enjoy sharing it

Thursday, May 8, 2008

what is style.

Many people tend to narrow style down to fashion. I believe style encompasses every facet of life. It is the point of view through which you choose to represent yourself. For example, your style could be eclectic, retro, classic, minimalist, etc.
Style gives an impression of character. Another example, people with a classic sense of style tend to be regarded as conservative at first sight while the eclectic is considered free spirit. This means that personal style can be used to mould public opinion.
Style includes but is not restricted to, form of dress, home and work decor, choice of vehicle, speech and writing style, preferred music and all those little things that distinguish us from others.
There is no such thing as having no style. Granted, some style are aesthetically pleasing while others come across as unimaginative or even garish. This is still regarded as style albeit ugly. Even ugly Betty has style. Ask the stylist on set. There is method to the madness.
Anyway watch this space for bigger better things.
Stay fabulous