Thursday, June 28, 2012

Allow me to re- introduce myself.

Hello babes, my name is Ajiri Okah-Avae and I’m a fashion designer and stylist. I am very interested in helping women (and men) put their best foot forward, presenting themselves in the most advantageous light, assisting the best way I know how, in their quest for world domination (or whatever their goals may be). So many fashion writers and enthusiasts have written about fashion but my purpose here is to help women (and men), from the complete novice who is trying to become more chic to the fashionista who is open to new ideas, explore the world of fashion and with what they have available in their wardrobe (with maybe a few key items added) interpret it into their own personal style.

The natural question then is ‘what is style?’ I have heard and read several opinions on what style is, but I think the simplest way for me to describe it is this. Style is the way an individual chooses to present themselves to the world. Style of course is not just about the way we dress. Style includes (but is not limited to) the kind of car we choose to drive, the way we decorate our personal space, the kind of activities we choose for relaxation and other nuances that give people an idea about who we are and what we represent. Basically, our style is what people see when they first meet us.

In fashion, sometimes style is interchanged with the word ‘look’. However ‘style’ is a more involved term than ‘look’. What do I mean? Let me put it this way. In the morning, when we all stand before our wardrobes, no matter how big or small, we have an image of what we want to project to the world based on how we are feeling or the activities we intend to take part in, and we all pick our outfits based on that. That is picking a look for the day. Style, at least in fashion, comes into play when we stop and actually give deep thought to each piece in the ensemble and how they enhance our size and shape. When we say that someone has style, we simply mean that the person gives thought to the relationship between each element and how those elements enhance their person and their space AND that it comes off as aesthetically pleasing.

I hope to be able to help you navigate the sometimes fickle, sometimes confusing world of fashion, interior design, fine wine and food. I’ll be helping you broaden your mind on how to put looks together in a stylish way, critiquing outfits worn on the streets of Lagos, giving you tips on how to make your personal space more appealing, help you understand the little things that help make wine taste better, and share a few recipes with you.

I hope to meet you here again in a couple of days. Enjoy what I have to offer today. Remain fabulous.

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