Thursday, October 4, 2012

How To Dress To A Wedding

Hello. How are you doing? So, I got my inspiration for this post from my last (OOTD) post. That post had me thinking and I have tried to come up with a guide on what to consider when getting ready for a wedding.

Now we all love to look good, but the pressure goes up a bit when it comes to a wedding. Why? Because it's a festive occasion and with so many people coming, some of whom we haven't seen in a long time, we tend to want to go that extra mile. Also, is the fact that weddings are a very good place to mingle. They also present an opportunity to be approached by guys. And so we tend to want to look attractive. Besides all that, it's just polite and shows consideration to the bride and groom to bother to dress nicely. I mean they did go through the trouble and expense of putting on a show, right?

Anyway, that not withstanding, there are things to consider when choosing what to wear for a wedding. The first one is to not outshine the bride. It is her day so please let her be the star. That includes not wearing any white dress in a style that looks even remotely like a wedding gown. You know, long and flowy or princessy, etc. It's rude to do that. I find that a white short dress or suit or (of course) 'native' are fine. Also, while you want to look as fabulous as possible, do not over do it. It's not your wedding.

Do not wear jeans or denim to a wedding, please. It's just plain rude to the couple to not bother to dress up. I have been guilty of this before. I was once out of town and had to show up some long lost, distant cousin's wedding when I was totally unprepared for it. Believe me, I did everything to make sure that I made the jeans look as dressy as possible and it still felt rude. The way I see it is that the couple has planned and payed for a nice event, show them the courtesy of dressing up. Another thing is that showing up in jeans makes it look like you don't know the couple. Like you heard through the grapevine about the wedding and just showed up, uninvited.

Another thing is to dress modestly. Please, do not over do the sexy. It's a wedding not a date and definitely not a club. So not too much cleavage, or legs and nothing overly clingy. If you must wear a sleeveless or strapless dress, wear a bolero, shrug, jacket or wrap to the church. You can always take it off at the reception.

So, hopefully, I've got you thinking about what is appropriate and what isn't for your next wedding. If you are guilty of any of these offences, you are going to need to repent. Anyway, this was written in the spirit of 'nothing but love'> Please remain fabulous.

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