Thursday, May 8, 2008

what is style.

Many people tend to narrow style down to fashion. I believe style encompasses every facet of life. It is the point of view through which you choose to represent yourself. For example, your style could be eclectic, retro, classic, minimalist, etc.
Style gives an impression of character. Another example, people with a classic sense of style tend to be regarded as conservative at first sight while the eclectic is considered free spirit. This means that personal style can be used to mould public opinion.
Style includes but is not restricted to, form of dress, home and work decor, choice of vehicle, speech and writing style, preferred music and all those little things that distinguish us from others.
There is no such thing as having no style. Granted, some style are aesthetically pleasing while others come across as unimaginative or even garish. This is still regarded as style albeit ugly. Even ugly Betty has style. Ask the stylist on set. There is method to the madness.
Anyway watch this space for bigger better things.
Stay fabulous

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