Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ajiri Avae

I apologise for my rudeness. I did not introduce myself first. My name is Ajiri Avae and and I'm a fashion designer. I run a label called Ajiri Avae clothing. I specialise in turning ankara fabric into lovely summer dresses, though these days i find myself drawn to high fashion. I would say my costumers are fashionable women who socialise and are looking for that (New York) upper east side aesthetic. I consider my designs classic, the kind of clothes that you can dress up for that office party or dress down for that your friend's daughter's first birthday party.
I have always been interested in style. When I was five years old, I would refuse to wear any outfit my mother picked out for me except it passed my style test, and if it did not, i would assemble my own outfit.Unfortunately by the time I got into secondary school (high school) I became a tomboy so i just stuck to picking out outfits for other people.
Now I've found myself again and think it will be lovely to share my musings with you. I hope you will enjoy reading this as mush as i know that i will enjoy sharing it

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Anonymous said...

I remember you only too well in secondary school, not only were you a tomboy, we used to think you were kinda whacko (in good way sha)We did not realize it was the creative genius in you crying to get out. Thank God its out now and I think your styles are good.Will surely look you up anytime am in Lag.