Friday, August 24, 2012

How To Wear White.

Hello. I hope you had a productive and happy week. Things have been busy here at headquarters. Anyway, since my last post was on how to wear Black, I decided to talk about how to wear White this time. So, what is the first thing to consider when deciding on whether or not to wear White?

Like in the case of Black, not everyone can wear crisp, clear White. Different shades of white suit different skin tones. Like in the case of Black, the best way to determine what shade suits you is to stand in good, natural light with the white placed next to your face. When you have decided on the best shade for you, the next question is "How practical is it?"

Because of the fact that dirt easily shows on White, It is advisable to avoid White if you have kids around, and avoid it as a bottom if you are on your period. Also, because of the fact that it becomes transparent when wet, avoid it on rainy days. Of course there is the thing about rain and mud. The fact that White is easily transparent, it is best, when purchasing a white piece of garment, to place your hand under the item in bright light to see if your hand shows clearly through the fabric. One thing to keep in mind is the fact that with White, the quality of the fabric usually makes a difference since inferior quality Whites tend to be more see through.

One very big issue with White in regard to transparency is under wear. We all know that wearing white under wear under white garments is a big no no. So we tend to wear it with black under wear. This however, also tend to show under White. The best color to wear under White is your skin tone. Always have under wear that is as close to your skin tone as possible. With Skin tone under wear, there is no contrast to draw the eye to the wrong place. Also, when wearing White skirts or dresses as with all light colors, wear a slip. It may seem old fashioned, but it is still very practical in today's world.

Another issue with White is that, unless you have the perfect, slim, hourglass figure, it is not advisable to wear White in the form of clingy clothing. This is because White tends to show every roll and bump on the body when it clings. Also it tends to make big women look even bigger. White just looks better when they are loose and flowy. Choose silhouettes that float away from the body. Just make sure that it fits close to the body at the waist. That will help to give an hourglass shape.

When accessorizing, White looks especially good worn with bright tones. Colors like Coral, Orange, Pink and Turquoise look beautiful against White. Of course, being a neutral, White goes well with every color, these just happen to give White a certain freshness.

For anybody who is not comfortable dressed in all White, try White as an accent. A white pair of shoes, handbag or jewelry can be used by anyone who is not ready to be adventurous. However, for anyone who is ready to take it a step further, white skinny jeans, pants, or blazer can really give that freshness to an outfit. I personally love the look of a white, well fitted suit. Think Bianca Jagger or Dianna Ross in the seventies. Another thing is that if you think an all white out fit is too monotonous, try layering different shades of White. The different shades give depth to an otherwise flat color story

I hope I have added some value with this post and I look forward to your stopping by soon. Remain fabulous.

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