Friday, August 10, 2012

Organizing Your Wardrobe

Hello. I recently took time to (yet again) reorganize my wardrobe and based on the reaction of a friend to this information, I realize that a lot of women do not understand that the main reason it always looks like they have nothing to wear is because their wardrobes are so disorganized. It is important to, every once in a while, declutter your wardrobe AND organize it. That way, you are able to very easily remember what items of clothing you have.

Many of us have very basic wardrobe space. Our physical wardrobe is made up of a top shelf on top of an empty space with a hanger rod. This can be very limiting for most of us. We have more clothes and accessories than we have space for. Our clothes are hung and folded without much thought to their placement so we end up with clothes at the back of the wardrobe that we never wear because we've forgotten that we even have them.

To be able to keep track of what you own, you have to come up with an organization system that will help you keep track of what you own. What I do is to hang clothes with similar items together. In my clothing space, starting from the back, are all my cardigans, hoodies and jackets. Because Lagos is hot most of the time, they can be back there and I can be sure that when I need them, I will reach for them. And because they are all in one place, I can see what I have, when I do reach for them, and make an informed decision on what to wear.

Next to them are my formal dresses, followed by dress shirts and then blouses. After that are my polo shirts, then T shirts, then other cotton/ jersey basic tops. These are followed by my casual dresses, then formal skirts, then casual skirts. Finally my formal trousers, then casual trousers, then capris and then my shorts. Everything is arranged from lightest to darkest colors within their category. My jeans are folded at the bottom of the wardrobe according to color. From lightest to darkest. With my own system, I am able to find, very easily, whatever I need, to put together the look I am going for each day.

I hope I have been able to inspire you to organize and come up with your own system that will help make getting dressed every morning, an easier experience, enabling you to utilize what you already own. Remain fabulous.


Anonymous said...

Too lazy to organize *sighs*

style is....... said...

Lol. You'll be surprised how many 'new' clothes you will come up with if you took the time. Besides you don't have to do it all at once. You can do it little by little over the course of a whole day.