Friday, March 1, 2013

Building Your Skirt Wardrobe

Hello. I hope you enjoyed my last couple of posts. They were Ankara focused and hopefully gave you an idea or two. Today, I want to talk about skirts and how to utilize them in your wardrobe. Especially since most of us live in jeans and only wear skirts to work.

Usually, most of us start off our wardrobes with the basic and timeless A line or pencil skirt, depending on our figure. The versatility of this basic fashion skirt, in a neutral color makes a very easy to mix and match wardrobe especially when one is on a budget. It is important when one is starting out, to avoid skirts with any fancy details on them, so that it is easier to to wear it time and again. This way, the skirt can be the canvass while embellishments can be added with the top or the accessories or even with color.

Another essential skirt to own is an neutral day to night skirt. By that, I mean a skirt that can be dressed up or down, that is formal enough for the office but casual enough to wear on a night out. This kind of skirt helps to open up your wardrobe to accommodate both your work and social life.

After you have these essentials, you can begin to look at growing your skirt collection. You can do this with more sophisticated styles of skirts like body con skirts, or draped skirts.

Another kind of skirt is the feminine skirt, like a lace or swing skirt. These kind of skirts soften your look and make you look very much feminine and stylish.

Then, there are the trendy skirts. These are whatever skirts that are on trend at the moment and they keep your wardrobe current.

I hope that I have been able to inspire you as you expand your wardrobe. I hope to talk more about skirts in my next post. Till then, stay fabulous.

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