Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dressing For Your Figure.

Hello!!! Today, I want to talk to you about dressing for your figure. You see, one of the main components of being stylish is how well your clothes fit your body. It is important, when choosing pieces for your wardrobe, to have a realistic knowledge of what your body looks like. What is your body shape? What is your height? Let’s say you are curvy. Are you petite curvy or tall curvy? Are you long waisted or short waisted? You have to use this knowledge when choosing clothes.

If you are interested in knowing whether you are long or short waisted, it’s very easy to do. Measure the distance between your armpit and your waist, and the distance between your waist and the bottom of your bum. If the distances are not equal, and the top half is longer, you are low waisted, if the top half is shorter, you are high waisted.

The main thing when choosing clothes is using them to make yourself look more proportional. So if you find that you are high waisted, the best way to make yourself look more proportional is to wear tops that make your top half look longer. Wear tops with vertical stripes to make your top half look longer by drawing the eye up and down the length of the top. Also, avoid wearing tops that need to be tucked into the bottom. Another thing is to avoid dresses with waist bands. They too draw attention to your waist. If you find that you have to wear a belt, go for thin belts in the same color as the clothes so as not to draw the eye. It is also important to restrict your wearing of prints to your top half, as wearing prints (especially brights) will only draw attention to your high waistedness. Also, try as much as possible to wear tops that end at your hips, like tunics.

The problem that low waisted people have is that it makes their legs look shorter, so they need to wear clothes that make their legs look longer. One way to achieve this is to go for Empire waist clothes as they lift the waist and so make the legs look longer. Also, low waisted women should avoid waist baring clothes like tie tops. Your tops have got to be long enough to cover your waist. Bottoms like trousers and skirts should start from your natural waistline or a little higher but never lower. Low rise jeans are not your friend. Another thing that can help you is to wear shorter jackets and boleros. These help to lift the eye and make your waist appear higher. Last, but not least, wear heels as the make your legs look longer. And avoid shoes with ankle straps as they make your legs look shorter.

I hope I have been helpful in your journey towards being more stylish. Enjoy the rest of your week. Remain fabulous.

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