Friday, July 19, 2013

How To Dress For A Boyish Figure

Hello. Today, I'm going to talk about dressing for a boyish figure. A boyish figure is a straight up and down figure. A small bustline, no discernable waist, and small backside. A lot of women with this figure also have wide shoulders. What this figure needs is the illusion of fullness in in the bust and narrowness in the waist. That will help create curves.

The first thing to deal with is your underwear. You want a bra that helps to create more fullness, like a push up or padded bra. Frills on your bra also adds volume. You can also wear a corset to create the illusion of a slimmer waist. There are also padded panties to create fuller hips and backside.

Ruffles, well placed pleats, and other decorations create a fuller bustline. Avoid sweatheart necklines as they draw attention to your flat chest. Halters, turtle necks and wrapped tops (and dresses) are a lot more flattering. Puff, bell and kimono sleeves give the body more width and so, the illusion of curves. Peplum tops (and dresses) give the illusion of bigger hips and backside. Flowy fabrics like chiffon add femininity to your look. Avoid tight fitted tops as they draw attention to the fact that your body lacks definition. Avoid boxy jackets that end at the waist because they make you look straight up and down. Instead, go for longer jackets with a defined waist and also smallish cardigans. You can add definition to the waist by using a belt. Also, jackets that flare out at the waist and stop at the hips give the illusion of a curvier backside.

The boyish figure, due to it's angular frame, looks more feminine in flowy fabrics. That kind of fabric gives the the body a softer look. Peplum, baby doll and tulip dresses all make the figure curvier. Look for dresses with ruffles, embellishments and other forms of fullness on the top half. You can also use a belt to create a waist.

Women with boyish figure are lucky because they look fabulous in skinny jeans. Just be sure to pair it with flowy, feminine tops that stop at your hips and give you a waistline. Also, leggings look good on them, if they follow the same rules. Wide leg pants and jeans also look fab on the boyish figure as they add fullness to the bottom half. But you have to be careful to wear flattering tops with a defined waist if not, you will end up looking straight up and down. You can also get away with a fitted top when you pair it with wide leg pants or jeans. Another style of trousers that look fab on them is structured pants made with soft, fluid fabrics that stop at the ankle or higher. They make the body look more feminine. On your jeans, look out for details on the pocket, like stones, pocket flaps, embroidery and other decorations as they make the hips and backside look bigger. Wearing light colours on your bottom half draws the attention of the eye and gives the appearance of being curvier. Bleached or faded effect on the thighs of your jeans also make you appear curvier.

As for skirts, avoid boxy mini skirts as they draw attention to your straight up and down figure. Instead, go for skirts made with soft fabrics that flow and swing. As with everybody else, the A line skirt is also flattering. Pencil, mermaid and tulip skirts make you look curvy when paired with flattering tops.

I really hope that I have been able to add some value to you and have helped in your bid to look even more fabulous. Enjoy your weekend and I hope to have something new for you soon. Remain fabulous doll!!!

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